South Africa’s ONLY Fundamental FOREX TRADING COACH

Fundamental FOREX Coaching for Long Term Wealth Creation

What is FOREX?

The Foreign Exchange market is the largest financial market in the world in currency trading.


Who we are

The Forex trading coach team comprises of highly skilled and trained fundamentalist who have over (9) years of Forex trading experience.  Founder and CEO, Reiaan Hobson, has solely taught and trained over 3000 individuals spanning as far as all over South Africa and even as afar as New Zealand. Reiaan’s coaching philosophy revolves around teaching at your client’s pace.

Reiaan instils crucial lessons that he has learned about trading to ensure that traders achieve ultimate success.

As the first company in the world to receive a registered Forex coin, we strive to create wealth through an extensive 4-day pure fundamental trading course.


This is not a “Get rich quick program”


Our proven 96% success rate stems from building a solid knowledge foundation that enables our clients to understand metrics that control market changes by providing:

  • Interactive Forex coaching

  • Small classes allowing for close monitoring

  • Platform & Currency Strength Meter

  • Comprehensive notes

  • After-class instant messaging trading signals and mentoring


No other coaching can provide this method of teaching



The best forex fundamentals course.

We understand the importance of economic news, and the effect thereof on the markets. Our course is purely based on fundamental analysis, and we use economic news to constantly help our clients become financially free.

What is Fundamental Trading?

Fundamental means building a foundation. These are the skills we teach that allow you to understand why the market behaves in certain ways.


The predictability of the market depends on a series of actions that have affect another currency.


Fundamental trading uses economical factors as a tool to anticipate the movement of other markets. Using a fundamental analysis, fundamentalist traders attempt to study everything that can affect the security's value, including macroeconomic factors (like the overall economy and industry conditions), central bank policies and political affairs.


Who is The Forex Trading Coach?


Reiaan Hobson is a highly experienced veteran of currency trading.

Reiaan developed his economic discipline by studying in the University of The Western Cape and UNISA and obtaining his undergraduate and honours in Economics.

After completing his studies, for 18 months, Reiaan had the privilege of working under the wing of John Luckas as a Market Analyst. Mr Luckas was instrumental in moulding, guiding and teaching Reiaan about analysis economics and central bank statements.

Led by the principles instilled by John Luckas, a keen, inspired and independent Reiaan started Forex Trading Coach in 2012 vowing to pass on his knowledge to ensure his clients’ success.

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