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Extreme Volatility in the Market

Last Friday, terrible retail sales and CPI data were in line with the Federal Reserve Bank statement of “transitory.” Commonly, the USA economy performed poorly during the first half ... (Read more...)



Claim Your FREE Copy of  "The Ultimate Depression"

Forex Trading Coach is proud to give away a free copy of the Coach’s first book titled “The Ultimate Depression”. For you to claim your free copy, you have to do the following ... (Read more...)



La Victoire Madam Marine Le Pen?

23 April 2017 is the French election, primarily The day for the European Union.  A victory for the far-right movement of Marine Le Pen will surely destroy the EU and it stable currencies. Although far left movement is leading polls by ... (Read more...)



How did I predict Donald Trump's Victory?

I received tons of emails of questions of how I did it and how was I so sure. All of the traders think forex is just game to spot a price buy or sell and hope for the best. But there is more about fundamentals than economic news. Fundamentals are not just based on economic news but on numerous amount data that you must capture and forecast from it. (Read more...)

South Africans must cheer Donald Trump to power

Well, I know it comes as a total shock to readers, but South Africans and especially African-Americans should be in support of Donald Trump. Before I give reasons why to support Donald Trump, let's start with some of the Republican History(Read more...)



Women in Forex

I am a not gender expert, psychologist or a psychic, but the women phenomena in the Forex market is impressive. There is a massive improvement of women’s trading ability and accuracy. Yes, there are some woman who make mistakes, but it’s decreasing at a fast pace under my coaching.  (Read more...)


What is "Helicopter Money"?

The word is currently all over financial news channels and international magazines. “Helicopter money” is where a Central bank or government give money directly to the public. Traditionally it is a (Read more...)


Federal Reserve Bank: Raise Rates or not?

One of the most difficult questions in every trader’s mind is; when, what size and what will be the implications when Federal Reserve Bank raises the nterest rate again? Will we get another January 2016? Or will it be a total collapse? Will it boost investment towards the US? and can it hurt the manufacturing sector that is already in a recession?   (Read more...)


One Month before China's $25 Trillion debt explodes

A debt strapped Chinese economy and there is no clear clouds insight. In 2008 debt to GDP was sitting at 148%, today it is at 247%. With an estimation of $25 Trillion net debt to GDP, it is insane (Read more...)


How to spot a Forex scam

A persistent scam, old and new, presents itself in some types of forex-developed trading systems. These people tout their system's ability to generate automatic trades that, even while you sleep, earn vast (Read more...)



Top five Forex Fundamental Factors

So you have just decided to start trading using fundamental principles, and you don’t know where to start. This short guide will teach you about the top five fundamental factors that will guide great decision-making (Read more...)



The Next Black George Soros

Will it be 16 September 1992 known as Black Wednesday where Soros cashed up $1 Billion in one single day? Does the 82 year old Tycoon still have the risk appetite and brake the Bank of England? (Read more...)


Why Technical Analysis is shunned by the experts

We have already pointed out the Cons of Technical Analysis, highlighting its unpredictable nature, but now there is a growing group of professionals who have written off the trade as a whole choosing to focus (Read more...)



Fundamental Class: 18 June 2016

On Saturday, 18 June 2016, The Forex Trading Coach, Reiaan Hobson hosted a group of keen future traders at the Capital Hotel.

This introduction to Fundamental Forex Analysis (Read more...)

Why Technical Analysis must fall

In currency trading, there are two disciplines that traders live by, each swearing that one is better than the other. Reiaan Hobson, Founder and CEO of Forex Trading Coach, has lived by the principles of Fundamental trading, ensuring (Read more...)